LOEWE SS21 : ‘Du Samedi au Mardi’


A commissioned art film created by artist Hilary Lloyd capturing footage and interviews on the set of Show-on-the-wall.

Lloyd filmed in London and from a distance in Paris with three camera operators and several cameras while directing over a video link from London. Altogether there were 13 models, 4 camera operators and 2 cities, Paris and London. Lloyd’s method consists of editing a lot of footage with a definite rhythm to create a mashed narrative. In this case, her aim was conveying what filmmaking across three days really felt like: the excitement of making something all together, of being free and creative; love and pleasure and exuberance.

Adam Bainbridge (AKA KINDNESS) | @kindnessmusic

Alice Frances | @_alicefrances_

Anthea Hamilton | @Hamiltonanthea

Jadé Fadojutimi | @jadefadojutimi

Jewel | @a1jewel0310

Kristina de Coninck Kitayama | @kristinadeconinck

Louis | @louiswavey

Mona Tougaard | @mona_tougaard

Rinke | @ri.nke

Vittoria Ceretti | @vittoria

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