Deba Hekmat

Deba is a 22 year old, Middle Eastern Influencer and Actor, who, not only strives to create a safer space for Women of Colour in the fashion Industry; but also, actively confronts those who don’t enforce equality behind the industry scenes. Deba uses her platforms to have crucial conversations regarding the importance of Culture, Religion and Family upbringing - her ultimate aspiration would be for her culture, and other minorities to be viewed within Film, TV, the Arts and Fashion internationally. Being represented equally and justly, doesn’t have to be a an aspiration for Deba - Deba commands this action and will continue to fight for international representation for people of colour throughout the various brands she collaborates with. Deba is set to star in a BBC debut feature film called ‘Hoard’ alongside BAFTA-nominated Hayley Squires (Adult Material, Daniel Blake) and Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things, Catherine The Great).

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