Alvina Jewelry Designer she/her

Angelica Visual Arts Media Student she/her

Ariana Simone she/her

Bianca Kei she/her

Charlie Ann Max Nudist & Nutritionist she/her

Chloe Cherry Actor & Artist she/her

Coumba Artist she/her

Daniela Garza Filmmaker & Creative she/her

Diamond Artist, Poet she/her

Elle Writer she/her/they/them

Geneva White Filmmaker she/her/they/them

Gina Lee Graphic Designer she/her

Jade Stylist Assistant, Jewellery Designer she/her

Jess Canje Social Media Editor at Dazed Beauty, Still/Moving Image Maker she/her

Jessica NYU Theory & Behaviour of Aesthetics Student she/her

Jonah Musician, Filmmaker he/him

Jonathan Lunquist Musician he/him

Joyce Poet they/them

Julian Artist he/him

Jupiter she/her

La Timpa Musician he/him

Laine Bolte Knitwear Designer she/her

Laura Gorun she/her


Lulu Creative Director/Founder of FAR-NEAR, Photographer, Film Director she/her

Michelle Li Fashion Editor, Stylist she/her

Michelle Phanh she/her

Momodou he/him

Noen Eubanks Digital Creator/Artist, Game Developer he/him

Omar Artist he/him

Quinn Styling Assistant, Editor-in-Chief of Trend Magazine she/her/they/them

Reese she/her

Roman he/him

Rudy Verwey Actor he/him

Sam Coppel Illustrator he/him/they/them

Shanny Bass Player, Artist she/her

Shawn Fashion Editor, Co-Founder of Close Journal, Vocalist she/her

Sofia she/her

Sophie Becker Actor she/her

Tia Jonsson Creative, Chinese & U.S. Contemporary History Student she/her

Tobias Defoe Musician he/him

Virgen Maria Artist, Dj, Pole Dancer she/her/they

Wali Decarceration Advocate they/them

Will Ballard Videographer, Graphic Artist he/him

Yassine Stein

Yullola Musician, Artist she/they

Zaina Miuccia Actor she/her