Abby Wilson Actor she/her

Abishek Communication and Design Student he/him

Aiesha Marie Poet, Mixed Media Artist they/them

Aimee Musician, Skateboarder she/her

Ajewelina Daniels Product Design Student she/her

Alina Hoven Video Editor, DJ she/her

Ally DJ, Activist, Actor she/her

Amalia S Fine Artist she/her

Ami Artist, Art Director she/her

Angela Sari Actor she/her

Anya Pascaud Artist she/her

Arnaud Lin Photographer, Filmmaker he/him

Barney Photographer

Bella Summers Musician, Screenwriter she/her

Belle Anderson

Bertie Artist he/him

Bimpe Adenusi she/her

Bones Artist, Musician, Herbalist they/them/fae/faer

Bonnie Bond she/her

Brian Musician he/him

Brieuc Movement Director, Actor he/him

Charlie McCosker Womenswear Designer they/she

Charlie Osborne Fine Art Sculptor, Audio-Visual Artist she/her

Che Richards Multi Media Artist he/him

Chloe Poet, Stylist she/her

Christall Reign Quinto Artist she/her

Clementine Classics & English Student she/her

Connor Whitham Creative he/they

Coumba Artist she/her

Danni Harris Womenswear Designer, Artist she/her

Deba Hekmat she/her

Debbie Dickson she/her

Declan Preziuso

Desi she/her

Devon Fashion Director, Stylist, Street Style Photographer she/her

Devontay & Dijon Actors he/him

Dominic Architecture Student he/him

Dukes Diallo he/him

Eireny Youth Worker she/her

El Perro Del Mar Musician, Artist she/her

Elenie Mae Childrenswear Designer she/her

Elis Artist & Musician she/her

Eliza Goldsmith she/her

Elle Kay Dawson Women's Rights Advocate she/her

Emilia Boateng Student she/her

Enam Plus Size Advocate & Content Creator she/her

Eulogio SOAS Student he/him

Finn Richardson Musician, Guitarist, Violinist he/him

Floki Musician, Photographer he/him

Francesca Vittoria


Gift Aerospace Engineer Graduate she/her

Graham Visual Artist he/him

Gustas Skateboarder, Designer he/him

Haruka Tattoo Artist she/her

Hoshi he/him

Hugh Hobhouse Musician he/him

Isaac Artist he/him

Isabelle Equestrian

Isak Musician they/them

Jacob Interior Architect Student he/him

Jasmine Pro Gamer she/her

Jess Canje Social Media Editor at Dazed Beauty, Still/Moving Image Maker she/her

Jewel MUA, Digital Artist, Designer she/her

Julian Artist he/him

Julian H Artist he/him

Juliette Artist she/her

Kailash he/him

Kaiya Fashion Sustainability Activist she/her

Kamil Artist, Sound Artist he/him/they/them

Kate Bowman Actor she/her

Katerina Musician, Solo Artist she/her

Kien Artist she/her

Kirsi Film Student she/her

La Timpa Musician he/him

Laura Dancer she/her

Laura D’Agnelli she/her

Leander Creative she/he/they


Leonard Vocalist, Songwriter, Music Producer he/him

Liam Musician he/him

Lila she/her

Lilly Fashion Student she/her

Lily Geography/Sustainability & Human Development Student she/her

Lola & Eve Musicians she/her

Louis Chen Designer he/him

Louis Culture Musician, Music Producer he/him

Lucia she/her

Luna Artist she/her

Luther Artist he/him

Magnus Artist & Musician they/them

Margo she/her

María González Textile Artist she/her

Maria Lysenko Product Designer, Stylist she/her

María Undo Fashion Designer she/her

Masha she/her

Mathilda Actor, Ceramics Designer she/her

Maxi Singer/ Songwriter, Producer they/them

Maya Dancer she/her

Maya Coline Contemporary Art Curator she/her

Mette Dancer she/her

Michelle Phanh she/her

Mimi Dey Installation Artist she/her

Molly Art History Graduate she/her/they/them

Momodou he/him

Natty Sonic & Visual Artist he/him

Nikki Cano Actor she/her

Noen Eubanks Digital Creator/Artist, Game Developer he/him

October Music Producer, Frontwoman of ‘October and The Eyes' she/her

Ollie Dixon Musician, Writer, Filmmaker he/him

Ottilie Student she/her

Otto Sculptor Student he/him

Precious Opara Art Director of Nataal Media she/her

Ralf Fine Artist he/him

Ralph Artist he/him

Rico Music Manager he/him

Rohan Painter, Skateboarder he/him

Ruby Ward Digital Creator she/her

Rudy Verwey Actor he/him

Sabine Getty Editor & Jewellery Designer she/her

Seiya Artist, Philosophy Student she/her

Sheerah Multidisciplinary Artist they/she

Sonny C Actor they/them

Swirly Bassist, Vocalist, Visual Artist he/him

Tabitha Actor, Dancer, Singer, Stylist, Artist

Tai Tang Photo Editor he/him

Takuro Musician, Drummer of "Arches" he/him

Taya Knitwear & Textiles Designer she/her

Tin Gao Knitwear, 2D Print/3D Sculpture Artist she/her

Toby Tattoo Designer, Fashion Design Student they/them

Tommy Blue Musician he/him

Uma she/her

Val’Green Athlete he/him

Vera Kamea Illustrator, CGI Artist, Tattoo Artist they/them

Yullola Musician, Artist she/they

Zena Kim she/her

Zenobia she/her