Perfect Magazine ft. Enam and Deba


‘We have been made to believe that we must make ourselves “attractive” for the eyes of men,’ says model and activist @d.3b4, ‘and it doesn’t make sense because it’s literally not their body. If the stigma around body hair being gross, less feminine and unhygienic didn’t exist, I don’t think we’d all be shaving as much. We have been made to feel as though dark coarse body hair is not feminine because it’s not what straight, white men find attractive. I physically cannot change my hairs to be finer, lighter and less visible, but it’s what men want. And they can honestly go to hell with it.’ - Deba Hekmat

"I wrote an open letter to the fashion industry and its allies for @theperfectmagazine Issue Zero. When I wrote it I was extremely frustrated/sensitive and needed a way to just let out a lot of emotions I felt towards this industry I am passionate about. After several conversations with Amelia and a long phone call — I decided I had to tap into that vulnerability. I wanted to represent my and many other chubby bunnies feelings towards our mistreatments. Real bodies, underrepresented bodies and Fat bodies in Fashion have been making modern-day history. Yes sure, nothing good comes easy — but there have been too many opportunities for big fashion houses to do right by us so make sure you get a copy and make notes. I hope all my chubby bunnies are proud. Pay minorities and listen to us on what works for our communities" - Enam Asiama


Photographer: Amber Pinkerton

Fashion editor: Jeanie Annan-Lewin

Hair Stylist: Mari Ohashi

MUA: Rebecca Wordingham

Interviewer: Amelia White

Casting: Misha Notcutt @ @11casting

Production: @lalalandartists

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