Vogue Australia COVER x Zinnia

Zinnia featured in, and for the cover of @VogueAustralia

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"I am the first Indian on the cover of Vogue Australia in 6 decades (62 years), and also the first Ecologist on the cover of any edition of Vogue in history.

Growing up as a South Asian Australian, I never saw anyone that looked like me in media and I wished to magically change myself into a blue-eyed, European blonde with eurocentric facial features so often valorised on TV, covers and media.

South Asians are the most populous minority in Australia & the UK. For too long we have been invisible, excluded from accessing spaces in mainstream fashion & media. Pushing our existence to the fringes of fashion, exotified, caricatured & appropriated.

However, for minorities long excluded, I hope this is the beginning of a new consciousness. Campaigning since 2016, we have been pushing the boundary year upon year, refusing to believe in the status quos glass ceiling (though it still tries to limit us).

I hope 2021 & beyond will spark a continued conscious change. Where all Australians, all minorities globally (& here in the UK), can see themselves reflected in fashion & media. There is much work to be done to increase ethnic access & systematic social belonging. Working independently & with Vogues Diversity Council, I will continue pushing the boundary, pushing invisible ethnic minorities who have been systematically excluded from fashion for over 100 years. As well as making sure the conversation of sustainability, inclusion & ecology are being had in fashion." - @ZinniaKumar 

Photographer: Lena C. Emery

Stylist: Morgan Pilcher

MUA: Crystabel Efemena Riley

Hair Stylist: Keisu Keterada

Set Design: Samuel Pidgen


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