VOGUE Australia x ‘Holding up a mirror’ with Zinnia Kumar

"I got the opportunity to pen a piece for the February issue of @VogueAustralia reflecting on the state of diversity and inclusion as well as the economic & social system that creates a glass ceiling for models of colour in accessing equality in terms of representation, treatment and opportunities in Australia. An implicit system that recycles the European Australian status quo and forces our existing models & talent of colour out of the country to find success.

This is an honest reflection with raw facts and psychology delving into this controversial topic, so often swept under the carpet and ignored with a ‘we are multicultural’ stamp. However, I like to think of this piece as the beginning of conscious awareness and education, knowing what has happened in the past and the present manifestations of implicit racism, we can change the present and the future. Please share this piece with everyone who needs to read it and do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any stories you wish to share.

By sharing my own story and the stories, courage, adversity and successes of our Australian models of colour @duckiethot @adutakech @shaninamshaik @warukatta we pave the way for these conversations, awareness and for change. I am excited for the next generation of Australian models to smash through the existing glass ceiling, Aussie models like @anjali.torvi (whom I scouted) will hopefully be able to exist in a more equal space, free from the inequality faced by her predecessors" - Zinnia Kumar

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Photographer: Rio-Romaine

MUA: Violet Zeng

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