‘HUMAN’ ft. Ally for VOGUE Italia

"Being a WOC plus-size model has enabled me to continue the movement of normalising all bodies, and be the representation of your everyday woman. I am able to use my voice and body to educate others on important matters like this, changing the idea of what a model is and society’s standard beauty. It has also given me the opportunity to go on a deep self-discovery journey and learn to love myself for my whole self. Learning that showing skin does not have to be sexual but is showing appreciation and confidence in yourself. Realising that your mind, body and soul must be balanced for you to truly understand and love yourself." - Ally Barker

(please read the full VOGUE article here)


Photographer: Christopher Polack

Stylist: Keeley Dawson

Hair: Hiroki Kojima

MUA: Lee HyangSoon

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